Vandalism at Primrose House

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Vandalism at Primrose House

Post by Abi on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:59 pm

Hi Everyone

Not sure if you are aware but there seems to have been a bit of a commotion last night.

I assume somebody has got into the courtyard and attempted to get through the recently repaired door. They were unsuccessful (the lock on this door does seem to have taken a beating and is bent out of shape now).

In an attempt to get out of the courtyard the tree pots have been stacked to give a 'leg-up' over the fence and i also noticed the lighting post has been kicked down (ive propped it up this morning - closest to carpark side of building) presumably just out of frustration?!.

Not sure if anyone saw anything, just wanted to keep you all posted and make you aware the lights may well blow over in the wind!



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Re: Vandalism at Primrose House

Post by Jason on Sat Nov 07, 2009 6:10 pm

Hi All,

Have to admit not noticed myself the latest incidents as reported by various other people, as have had a heavy cold.

Last time I saw the little kid was in Farmfoods a couple of weeks ago when at the checkout as he appeared from nowhere and took a shopping bag and shot off in blink of an eye to go round the shop. I'd say it's normal to get shopping bags when going out through the checkout, something told me he got the bag before shopping as he had no intention of going out via the checkout when he'd got his groceries. Just goes to show the mentality of the little kid, as he obviously sees the world as one big thieving trip and this is the norm for him. I have to admit it is worrying, as while not a psychologist it's easy to see this kid is deviant and doesn't adhere to normal rules. He does seem to have been thinner on the ground though lately, anyone seen him lately ?.

With the various posts here and in current issues section, this is obviosuly an on going problem with the kids at Primrose House.

It's a shame and naturally a cause for concern all these goings on. I have to say been a newish resident and still getting used to the lay of the land, I've been unsure what to advise. I think whatever we do as a deterent is going to have issues, for example the anti-climb paint that also marks clothes has it's issues as kids parents will claim for ruined clothes and may even encourage kids to get the paint on old clothes so they can claim for new clothes. Saying signs are up warning against the paint maybe a prob, as legally it would be said we'd be expecting too much of young kids to understand the sign, if some of them can even read it.

I know quite a lot of people in the area and I think the best I can do myself is see what they say as they have contacts with law enforcement and what happens in area.


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