Youngster climbing over from Mason's Arms car park

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Youngster climbing over from Mason's Arms car park

Post by Jason on Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:52 pm

Hi All,

A couple of days ago the Fire/Smoke detector at the top of the back block stairwell seems to have been vandalised. It was while I was out and so am not sure when it was done.

This maybe related but hopefully not to when I have been getting home shortly after 3:30pm this week seeing a young boy from the SYHA complex climbing up over the fence between us and the Mason's Arms car park into our inner courtyard. He has been quite noisy as he makes quite a noise walking over the gravel in the central courtyard, has anyone else seen him ?. He generally seems to make a bee line for the front block as their door to the courtyard doesn't seem to lock anymore and I hear the door slam as he goes into the front block. A few times I have seen the two children from the front block who play in the inner courtyard come out to play and this seems to drive the youngster away as have seen him coming and going 1 day at least 3 times over the wall between 3:30pm and 5pm. He is quite short in build and have also seen him a few times climbing into the skips at the back of the Mason's Arms to salvage carpets etc to take back to the SYHA complex. I think especially for the front block this is a serious security issue and he is definately gaining access to that block.

Hopefully he hasn't gained access to the back block, but the broken Fire/Smoke detector maybe a sign he has got in if he has found the door on the inner courtyard unlocked as I have found it not properly closed once and once is all it takes for them to gain access and get upto mischief or worse. The shocking thing is that the youngster seems to climb over the fence and enter the front block as bold as brass without a care of been spotted as if he has every right to be entering private property. This maybe a sign of the times as in a world that is PC mad, I've heard that youngsters are virtually immune to any law as for 1 any attempt to stop them theiving is abusing their right to make some money and 2 any physical attempt to prevent them is viewed as child abuse which would be a bad idea anyway as don't want to challenge even a youngster and find out they are armed.

Anyway hope I haven't scared you all. I have to admit when seen this youngster climbing over the fence have thought of calling Police, but unless they catch them on the spot which is unlikely the Police can't do much and saying know what they look like and from SYHA complex unfortunately isn't good enough as Police have said there are too many properties in the SYHA complex to identify a youngster unless they know the exact address they live.

Anyway think this needs to be sorted out somehow as I hate the idea I have to admit of a youngster climbing over at will into our flats, it's an invasion of our privacy and security and needs to be stamped out.

P.S If this youngster by the way has a legitimate reason for visiting someone in the front block, don't think this is the case but if it is whoever they are visiting could you tell them not to climb over the fence and use the normal way of visiting by been buzzed in at the front entrance..


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